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A Romantic Marriage?

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) are entering a marriage of convenience, for now the main goal is to stay alive and keep everyone they love alive too. The big question is, will this marriage ever become real, especially with Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Bernard) just a stones throw away from following Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) to Port Charles. Already, any marriage that happens between Carly and Jason won't be legal with Sonny alive. So back to the question, can this become a real marriage? For this marriage to cross over from a celebration of friendship to romantic, a slew of events would have to occur to push these two together and away from the people they have romantic feelings for. Jason currently has feelings for Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud), and Carly is very much mourning her husband.

For now, the biggest event that would create the opportunity for a Jason and Carly relationship has happened, Sonny out of the picture. The major snag however, is that Sonny is not so dead. We have a few events pushing them together, mob threats and mourning Sonny. The issue of Sonny returning to Port Charles is not a question of IF but when. The reality is, a return of Sonny to Port Charles would most likely be the introduction of Mike to Port Charles. It would be way too easy to think that the return of Sonny would mean the end of a Jason and Carly wedding or marriage. It is a soap opera after all, and what we can count on is drama and complications.

The return of Sonny with Mike memories only means trouble. The business for one would appear more unstable. The goal would be making sure Sonny stays alive without threatening the empire he doesn't even recall building. On a personal level, Carly would have to watch him build a relationship with Nina, and Jason would finally understand what Sonny and Carly went through all those years they thought Drew was Jason. Jason will know what it is like to have your bud rise from the ashes only to find the relationship you once had is completely gone. Jason and Carly would continue to mourn the loss of Sonny, this time in a twisted in your face kind of way. This scenario can certainly be the kind of compounding event that distracts Jason from Britt, and pulls him and Carly closer together in a different way. Could Jason and Britt find themselves on the opposite side of things, as Jason comforts Carly and Britt supports her "pact sister" on her new relationship? Things can only get more messy if Sonny remains in Port Charles as Mike.

There is no denying that things in Port Charles have been shifting for some time. The Jason and Carly relationship has been put on full display, and has even been up for debate. Anyone who knows them has been weighing in on what their history means, and what they mean to each other. Are they great friends or is there more? While most in Port Charles think they have the answer, with these two about to get hitched, for the the rest of us the jury is still out as we wait and see what's in store for these besties about to become husband and wife.

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3 comentários

12 de jul. de 2021

so. Ugh. Typical trope, marriage of convenience between friends becomes real. Blech. This gets way more interesting if the marriage puts a strain on the unbreakable bond of their friendship. It’s already unraveling a little bit. It’s one thing for Carly to go rogue and have Jason back her up or talk her down as a friend, but as a couple who are supposed to be a united front for appearances it may not hold. Carly has already shown she can’t do it and Jason has shown he can be angry with her over it. I think the comment she made about not being able to stop her from doing what she wants when they are married was giving us…

13 de jul. de 2021
Respondendo a

One last thing. Could it be that their friendship can withstand all things, but the ONE thing it can’t survive is marriage? That’s a better story for me.

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