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A Whole New Mess

Taggert has been on and off the canvas over the last while, his latest storyline being Trina’s paternity. Things came to a head as we witnessed Taggert on a bender, dealing with the fact that Trina is not his biological daughter. With that storyline somewhat over, you begin to wonder where Taggert’s character will land. To our complete delight Taggert shows up asking Jordan for a job, clearly looking to stick around Port Charles. For any long time viewer, past characters coming back to the show really hits that nostalgia spot.

The timing of Taggert’s possible new job is quite interesting. Perhaps it’s mostly just wishful thinking, but the idea of Taggert being in charge as Julian returns would be epic!! We hypothesise and secretly hope that Julian is somehow affiliated with Pikeman. If Julian is going to return to Port Charles he’s gonna need to be untouchable after having been hunted out of town all those Nixon Falls years ago. So far, the Pikeman folks seem quite dangerous and powerful. If you haven’t heard, these guys are global and they make small countries very upset. With all of the enemies Julian has made, if he wants to come back and be in his children’s lives, he’s going to need back up and Pikeman seems like just the ticket. Right now Leo is without a dad and needs to believe Cody is right - in that love does heal all.

Julian had a brief encounter with Taggert, and it went pretty well. If Julian returns, will these two go head to head, or will they pick up on the friendly foot they left off on? If Taggert becomes commissioner will he go back to his old ways and be in the pursuit of Sonny, because Julian would certainly be an ally in that department. Either way, Taggert having to choose between his two favorite mobsters is going to get messy!

Another character that could easily crash right into Julian’s return storyline would be Nina!!! Nina and Julian have their own history.

I always thought that Nina and Julian getting together would be funny because of their comedic and combative dynamic when he was her boss. Though I figured it wouldn’t be likely since Julian was a mobster and she was this big time heiress and fashion editor. As we now know, dating a high profile mobster is very much in this entrepreneur’s wheelhouse. With things likely to go belly up between Nina and Sonny, who better than Julian to pick up the pieces and stick it to Sonny. I mean Nina is attracted to the people her daughter had fake relationships with and blackmailed. Nelle staged a night in bed with Sonny and then blackmailed him. Nelle also used blackmail to get Julian to marry her in an attempt to gain custody of Wylie.

Would being with Julian also work to possibly stick it to Ava? It’s hard to know where Ava and Nina will wind up once everything with the SEC comes out. It wouldn’t be the first time Ava picked the Corinthos family over the Jerome’s. She did it once for Morgan.

Ava may be friends with Nina, but she also does not confide in Nina the way Nina confides in her. While they both hate on Carly, Ava does defend Carly a fair amount and also leaves her daughter alone with her. Like it or not, Ava, Carly and Sonny are family, albeit a dysfunctional one, but they all respect each other's place in Avery’s life. This could be a very interesting turn of events for all involved… but mostly for the viewers.

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