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Carly and Maxie

On episode 177 , The Lies We Tell Ourselves, we talk about the Carly and Maxie visual. That week on GH, Carly finds Maxie at the hospital distraught over Mac. There was something significant about Carly and Maxie sitting on that couch, face to face. Right off the bat, you have two amazing strong female characters, both at the centre of much drama on the show. There was something powerful about that pairing, and familiar. They both have many connections and relationships on the show, and can easily be connected to many storylines at the same time.

Soap operas are generational, and over time different people are in the spotlight, and it really feels like Maxie is picking up the reins on the show. In the episodes where the truth about Louise was revealed, there was something Carly-esque about Maxie. While Carly and Maxie are distinct characters, there are similarities in the space they take on the canvas and the gravitas that comes with the characters each of them play.

Another interesting similarity are their children, particularly, Michael and Louise. When Michael was born, he was like a communal child, with many people who felt compelled to look out for him, and ties to many families. The same can be said for Louise. Already, she has so many adults on the show that love her, many families she is now connected to, the Quartermaine’s, the Cassadine’s, the Jones’, not to mention the evil that is Henrick’s family tree.

Way back when, we speculated the possibility of a Maxie and Michael pairing. We have also made mention of the long standing relationship Maxie has with the Corinthos family, which was highlighted during the reruns that

aired back in 2020. Could a romantic path ever be available to Michael and Maxie? With a complete restructuring of social circles happening on the show, who knows what’s in store for Michael and Willow as they get closer to discovering Nina is Willow’s mother.

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