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Julian is Back...Maybe?!?

Over the last few episodes Julian Jerome’s name was mentioned twice. In our latest podcast episode titled “Eddie Maine Back in the Game” we hypothesize that Julian could be associated with Pikeman. While Julian was never known for his “business” acumen, it’s nothing a near death experience and mob tutoring can’t fix. Let’s not forget that Julian has come back from the dead once before, and in soap land, once is never enough!

When we last saw Julian, Sonny and Jason were hunting him down. They were aware of his affiliation with Cyrus and his role in blowing up the floating rib. Ava tried to step in, not to save her brother, but to be the one to put him down “gently”. Julian was backed into a corner.

Fast forward to recent events…someone is after Sonny and seems to find it amusing to use Ava to help take Sonny out. I see one person who would have reason to go after both Sonny and Ava. The thing is we seem to have multiple players…we’ve got Pikeman and whoever is running the show in Pautauk.

Mason’s boss was said to be a woman. We have one strong female mob boss in the form of Miss Wu who has been running the entire show under Sonny's nose, or should we say right in front of his nose and his other facial features. Pikeman seems powerful, and if any organization could arrange for Julian’s survival and use, it would be them. They sought Sonny out, appear to have a far reach and could have very well been playing the long game and using Julian to do it. Are Pikeman and Mason’s boss two different entities or a new alliance?

Recently Ava brought up Olivia, her sister when talking to Mason. Could Olivia Jerome be associated with the Pautauk mob? Mason seemed to have gotten a full background on Ava, and where exactly did this information come from?

Could Olivia and Julian be in touch? Are they working for two different organizations? Do they have the same targets in mind?!?

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