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The Invader: A Family Affair

A few weeks back there were hints of Shawn Butler’s (Sean Blakemore) new direction during his conversation with Molly Lansing Davis (Haley Pullos). When Shawn caught up with Molly, who he last knew as a published author, it was mentioned that he was the one providing feedback about her book at the time. Shawn talked about starting a non-profit, and it was an awesome surprise to find out he was also taking over a well established Port Charles business. This is exciting because a well known returning character is being firmly cemented into Port Charles. As a long time fan, having familiar faces return always feels amazing, but for Shawn to take up what we think is a larger space with the Invader is even better. As part of the media, Shawn’s business will now be a staple in all things going on in the city, essentially cutting across all storylines. While Shawn embarks on this new venture, it would be even greater to see some familiar faces along for the ride.

We love the idea of the Invader being filled with extended family. For instance, Molly might enjoy an opportunity to get back to her roots as an author, having a column that allows her to mix both her passions for writing and the law. Who knows, maybe Molly can use a pen name and get creative with her content. A while back TJ Ashford (Tajh Bellow) asked Molly if she was happy with her career, bringing up her past as a writer. During that conversation with TJ, Molly alluded to this idea that being a writer was a childhood dream, and that pursuing law was this adult decision. Presenting Molly with a little of her past could prove to be interesting, especially since Molly has always had a solid sense of direction. It also has an essence of Diane, who is a successful lawyer and author.

Another fun option would be Alexis, who could easily jump in as an editor or legal commentator, should her background check get in the way of that teaching position. TJ has a medical background, and in previous episodes has demonstrated some investigative tendencies like his uncle. We discussed this in a previous podcast episode titled Doctor Detective. We love TJ’s ability to play light hearted, comedic and dramatic, not to mention his bromance with Brando. More TJ in any shape or form would be a win for us. Speaking of extended family, there may even be space at the Invader for Marshall, as he seeks to establish roots in town, also the fact that he wandered into Shawn’s office. Would Marshall write about music or life with the WSB?

The question is, who else would you want to see become an Invader crusader, who would you like to see step into the spotlight sharing their Port Charles expertise. We look forward to Shawn building his empire and getting to see who will be a part of it all.

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