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The Port Charles Update’s Gold Star Awards

What is the Port Charles Update’s Gold Star Awards you ask…it’s completely made up! For those that tune in to our podcast, you know that we give out gold stars at the end of our podcasts for a variety of, and sometimes very silly, reasons. This year we thought it would be fun to have YOU hand out some Gold Stars of your own. We came up with a bunch of categories, and everyday you get to voice your choice in the comments. The winner will be revealed the following day, along with the new category to vote on. The entire event will take place on our instagram page @theportcharlesupdate.

The Gold Star Awards is an extension of our podcast, and more so, an extension of our love for GH that we get to share with all of you. So let's have some fun over the next couple of weeks handing out some Gold Stars to the folks in our favorite fictional town.

The Port Charles Update is a General Hospital Podcast covering all the juicy storylines week to week. You can find us onApple Podcasts,Google Podcasts and most podcast platforms.

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