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A Match?

It has been quite the week on GH, and we break it all down on this week's podcast episode titled The Truth Is Out. Nina gets quite the shock, learning that Willow is her daughter. On our instagram page, commenter @mand12801 pointed out that rather than getting tested upon finding out that Willow was her daughter, she runs to her room to declare that she could save her life. The funny thing is, Nina got mad at Carly for making accusations without solid proof. The first thing Nina does is run to Willow and make the claim that she could be the only one that can save her life, without knowing this for certain. This behaviour is classic Nina, to say or act one way and then say or do the opposite thing a millisecond later. This tendency to flip flop was depicted in Nina’s memory flashback that includes a consistent back and forth between compassion and criticism. Criticism may be too kind because Nina knows how to flip the switch into full blown attack mode, a mode that is normally muted around Sonny.

Not that I think Willow would ever consider bone marrow from Wylie, even though he happens to be her nephew, more specifically her twin’s son. While everyone has been saying that a family member is the best match, we forget that Nelle was a match for Josslyn. For some reason the Reeve and Benson DNA are deeply intertwined and go way back. Right now, the picture being painted is that Nina is Willow’s one and only shot. Is this in fact the case, or a misdirection? What if Nina lays it on thick, wastes time arguing rather than getting tested, and all for nothing!

Donating a life saving organ would be a great opportunity to begin making amends with Willow and Michael, but if that opportunity gets ripped away…then what? How would Nina ingratiate herself to her long lost daughter. The last time a mother daughter reveal also included the donation of life saving organs was Alexis and Sam. Sam’s deceased daughter ultimately saves Kristina’s life. Children saving children is one thing, but one adult accepting an organ from someone she hates? We know that ultimately Sam and Alexis found their way to each other and cultivated a loving mother daughter relationship. In one of our past podcast episodes, we discussed the potential of a different road for Nina and Willow. What if they don’t find a ‘happily ever after’, and not just for next year or so, but for many years to come.

We saw Sonny and Mike find their way to each other at the end of Mike’s life. Prior to Mike’s return, we have seen moments of Sonny’s tumultuous relationship with his father over the years. What if with Nina and Willow, we get more than moments, but we get to be there for the entire ride, the entire rough road. In our podcast we talked about Willow and Nina one day winding up in a respectful place, having moments of connectedness rather than this full blown happy ending. Not all parent-child relationships have a happy ending. Traditionally in soaps people who find out they are family tend to wind up being close over time. It would be interesting to see a different type of relationship, a realistic one that I am sure some viewers out there could connect with – permanently strained relationships. This does not translate to the depiction of a warring parent-child relationship, the way we have seen Michael go after Sonny, but maybe a story of how a mother and daughter navigate a complex and strained relationship over the years. To get even more real, many commentators have called Nina a narcissist. General Hospital is no stranger to mental health storylines, and could you imagine the story of navigating a loved one with a personality disorder, the impact on family members and the person themselves.

It has only been a day since the last GH episode, but I cannot wait to see how it all unfolds.

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15 Ιαν 2023

This is such a good post for this story. I can’t help but wonder if Josslyn is a match because of her emotional reaction when she was with Dex... How she wishes she could help. It would also be poetic that the evil sister (Nelle) saved her and she saves the good sister (Willow) in return. There’s also the possibility Willow could use the stem cells from her baby. I’m not sure if the writers would ever think go that route, though. It‘s the way they’re making it seem like Nina is Willow’s only chance. There has to be a twist here. After years of being horrible to Willow, Nina owes her, IMO. If she’s the match, don’t put …

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