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A Port Charles Christmas

General Hospital’s Christmas episode absolutely delivered. It was one surprise after another, fun groupings, surprise guests and dare I say it, full on Hallmark cosy vibes, at least for me. First off, I really connected with the whole snow storm that impacted everyone’s travel plans, especially since that is exactly what happened to Mel and I this Christmas 🙁

The women who love Nathan get together, with Maxie being the only person in the room who doesn’t know about Britt’s diagnosis. From here her journey to Spinelli begins. Completely surprised, Ellie was thrown into the mix and unsuccessfully tried telling Spinelli about her new beau being a former Port Charles resident. I mean how do you feel about Griffin and Ellie?? Now that we know about this offscreen couple, can we count on seeing them on screen any time next year? Outside of that fun new couple alert, it was truly heartwarming seeing Maxie, Georgie, and Spinelli find each other at the airport. All we need is for Spinelli to make his move. I would love nothing more than a Maxie Spinelli wedding…who knows, they may be the only couple who winds up getting married on Valentine’s day.

Another surprise was finding Sasha at the garage, a Christmas grouping that included Sonny and Britt. Sonny does share a connection with both ladies, he knows about Britt’s diagnosis, and has made it known that Sasha is family. Regardless, Mel and I love nothing more than unlikely groupings, and this one really hit the nail on the head. The best part was Sasha and Britt showing up at the Quartermaine's in their leather jackets!

I can’t express how fun it was to see who would show up next at the Quartermaine’s. I loved that TJ and Molly showed up, that they shined a light on this long time couple. There were certainly many of the newer characters at the Quartermaine’s, it almost felt like a formal welcoming into the General Hospital family. I can’t tell you how much I hope that Britt will return to the show in the near future. We saw the beginning of her connection with Willow, and now with Sasha, it would be amazing to watch her expand her Port Charles’ connections.

Speaking of new characters, someone we’ve never seen before showed up, setting up one of my favourite lines. As the virgin Mary goes into labour, Olivia comforts the woman by telling her that she has given birth twice, followed by Brook Lynn sharing that she once pretended to give birth! Also comical was how TJ thought he would keep the fact that he was a doctor to himself. I just want to know if anyone thinks Britta Noel will ever come searching for her namesake?

What put it over the edge, and a true full circle moment for us was Elizabeth realising that Scott and Laura are her chosen parents. Mel and I have been talking about this for a while now on our podcast, unofficially crowning Scott and Laura as Elizabeth’s parents, however, seeing Elizabeth come to that conclusion was amazing!!

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A Match?


Dec 24, 2022

I loved this episode for all of your reasons. I was thinking of you two the whole time, wishing I had someone to watch with who gets it. Merry Christmas! (this is knittingtheblue, btw!)

Dec 24, 2022
Replying to

Duh. There it is. In my name up there. 😂 Forgot I had an account already.

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