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Austin’s Michael Fixation

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Our latest podcast episode titled Crickets is out now. The title references the response Austin receives when he introduces himself to the Quartermaine's. I have been thinking about an instagram comment from @piecesjanice003 questioning Austin’s fixation on Michael. Since Austin Gatlin-Holt (Roger Howarth) came on the scene he has been showing interest in Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell), it was clear he was interested in all things Quartermaine...but why Michael? Michael does not control the distribution of the shares, and is not even the CEO anymore.

Austin does start explaining the chip on his shoulder, and that having shares would solidify his rightful place as a Quartermaine, for his dad. Austin is referred to by others and himself as an outsider, illegitimate. When I think of Michael, his birth carried with it some scandal. He was not raised a Quartermaine, he didn’t even carry the family name until he was an adult, nevertheless, the family sought to win Michael over. Michael was not punished for who his parents were or what they did to the family, referencing Carly and even AJ for that matter. Where was the fuss over Austin, who was inviting him into the family? Just to show how much Austin is focused on this idea of being an outsider, he brings up Jason’s (Steve Burton) origin story when they meet.

He sees Michael who is part of the family and Jason who seems uninvolved, Austin appears confused as to what constitutes a Quartermaine and how to become part of this clan. Austin does not understand how a father can disown his son, he clearly never met Edward. While Austin’s father may have been infamous to the Quartermaine's, Austin was not a part of that. He is not responsible for his father’s past actions, so what does that mean for Austin’s motives going forward. Right now he seems to be acting out of grief, out of love for his father, and time will tell how much he is his father’s son.

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