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Does Elizabeth have dissociative identity disorder?

Does Elizabeth have dissociative identity disorder? That was the initial thought when strange things started happening to Elizabeth. Soon after we got a scene with Elizabeth struggling to open the door in Franco’s art therapy room at the hospital. From then on, we were pointed in a different direction, we even had a suspect list: The boys, another woman, Betsy, Jake, Besty and Jake, then not Betsy, and potentially just Jake based on the sketch Elizabeth found. After a comment by @insta_rach mentioned on this week's podcast episode, The Tides are Turning, I am back on board with the dissociative identity idea:

It's Elizabeth. It's Elizabeth. It's Elizabeth. She prolly has Dissociative Identity Disorder. Here are the hints we've been given so far: 1) The card was signed B. B for Biz. 2) When Finn asked her if she wanted to talk about it (one of the times), she totally changed her voice and said "That would ruin everything." 3) She keeps saying she's so tired. Could be doing these things in the middle of the night. 4) Absolutely all of the events could have been committed by her, whereas others could be ruled out for at least one of them. 5) She said herself, "People can be driven to do terrible things when they're grieving."

This comment had me reviewing some old clips. Elizabeth has been picking up some extra shifts so that Cameron could experience dorm life, and focus on himself for a change. Elizabeth has been a single mom for practically forever, and I imagine has worked more than usual a time or two. The fact that her friends keep pointing out how tired she is can be a clue that there is more to it. Regarding how tired she is, Elizabeth once says “just zoned out for a minute, I think I need some caffeine”. In another instance while talking to Finn, she says “I can’t snap out of it today”. The terms zoning out and snapping out of it might be hints to dissociative identity disorder. There is a peculiar moment that can be seen in the clip below, around the 1:15 mark, where Finn encourages Elizabeth to talk to him, and she answers oddly with “that will ruin everything”, just the look on her face at the end of that scene.

It is no secret that Elizabeth has been struggling with what to do with her feelings for Finn given her grief over Franco. Once creating an antidote to some unknown poison, and the stress from covering up a murder subsided, these two moved slowly toward each other, with start and stops along the way. There is a part of Elizabeth that struggles with moving on, and another that wants to find happiness where she can. This struggle can be noted in the following lines: “can’t let my past stop me from having a future” and “I am really trying not to live in the past and focus on the future”. Elizabeth has moments where she is pushing past any apprehension in order to move forward. On Valentine’s day, when Elizabeth struggles with having her wedding dress shredded, clearly shaken, she turns around and makes plans with Finn. The pair initially didn’t have anything planned due to the day being a difficult one for Elizabeth, given it was her anniversary with Franco. There was a scene in Franco’s art therapy room, when Elizabeth is struggling with moving forward due to her baggage, and she opts to move full steam ahead with Finn. It is right after this that Elizabeth briefly struggles with opening the door.

There have been hints to how difficult grief can be. When asked, Finn even says yes to having gone crazy, all out nuts in response to grief, that he acted out. Finn also tells Elizabeth he understands from personal experience that you just don't get over the death of a spouse. When it comes to the strange occurrences, access seems so tricky it is hard not to suspect Elizabeth: the key to Franco’s art studio was hidden away in such a specific space, the mystery of the travelling wedding ring from the drawer to her locker room, not to mention access to the wedding dress.

There is also the conversation that Elizabeth had with Carly at the cemetery, at a time when no one doubted that both women on that bench were widows. From that point on we kept talking about everything Elizabeth has gone through and how she has to keep it all together. Elizabeth recently tells Finn “I don’t have the luxury of curling into a ball”. Elizabeth has been pushing forward for her family for so long, carrying everything on her shoulders, could her grief be pushing her over the edge. Elizabeth does say that “people can be pushed to do desperate things while they’re grieving”. While it’s possible someone could be stalking Elizabeth, someone that has potentially been in and out of her house, with the painting and all... what if the person with the all access pass to the Webber house is Elizabeth?

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