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In Honour of Alan Quartermaine "Stuart Damon"

It has been years since the Quartermaine's lost Alan. When Stuart Damon reprised his role on GH as a ghost, just seeing him again brought such joy, reminding us all of how much we missed him on the show. Learning of his passing is a huge loss for those that knew him, that loved him, and the fans that have spent years watching him on screen. General Hospital has been known for honouring their own and the hope is that this will be no different for Stuart Damon. He may have already passed on the show, but nothing stops the citizens of Port Charles from honouring Alan on a significant anniversary of his passing. What is great about our Port Charles Update community is that we get to experience the exciting GH moments together, along with the real life sad ones. Through our instagram page, many of you shared your favourite Alan Quartermaine moments, and in honour of Stuart Damon, we wanted to share what you had to say.

"The pillow fight with Monica" - @lilpecas1253

"The way he would act when he got caught doing something wrong. Funny! great actor" - @gigi19902

"His kindness towards Skye, my favorite character from GH" - @its_mikey1981

"Him reading Twas The Night Before Christmas" - @mthorpe21

"Alan and Emily! So sweet together!" - @jacobsgymnastics

"Murder attempt on Rick Webber!" - @sdigijr

"Prince Charming." - @knittingtheblues

"My favorite role was him at the nurses ball singing the song from his movie Cinderella rest in peace" - @gabes_grandma

"When he told Robin she HIV+" - @cinnamondeb

"When he comes back to haunt Tracy his sister" - @solicatherine

Thank you Stuart Damon for the on-screen memories, and thank you PCupdate community for sharing your favorites.

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