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Legal or not, can this union be undone?

Carly and Jason have recently unboxed decades of accumulated love feelings being passed off for friendship. They have both communicated that years ago in order to co-exist and move forward they each had to shut those feelings down. On Monday’s episode, Carly goes so far as to say she is already in love with Jason, and her feelings were very much reciprocated. We all know that Sonny has been alive all this time living in Nina’s imagination, and that the marriage would not be legal, making it insignificant whether or not the wedding was interrupted.

Jason and Carly’s marriage may not be legal but can this union really be undone? The reality is, it was never about the wedding, but about what had been set in motion. The love has been expressed, kisses have been shared, they made vows, they have their people, particularly Monica who could not be happier for her son. Feelings have been unleashed, and while they were shoved down once before for Sonny, can that happen again? In Sonny’s absence a new life was created, one where a relationship between Carly and Jason was made possible.

If Sonny felt betrayed by his friendly neighbourhood magazine publisher, he is sure to feel some type of away seeing his best friend and wife in his room where he keeps his bed. Story wise it wouldn’t be much of a journey if things returned to normal right away and Carly jumped back into her marriage with Sonny, with Jason returning to henchmen status like nothing happened. There are bigger themes at play, like can you ever really go home again after thinking you were a Mike? Sonny’s actions and life choices landed him in that river, but Nina’s kept Sonny from his family allowing them to move forward without him. This is just one of those things where no one is to blame but Nina Reeves. Nina aside, can the last 9 months be forgotten? Will Carly walk away from Jason once again?

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Susan DiGirolamo
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