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Scott Attorney at Law

Scott pops onto the scene all over the place even for him. We know that Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner)is open to pushing the limits, but breaks client privilege twice in front of Laura Collins (Genie Francis). He was very agitated and snappy with Ava Jerome (Maura West). Then he gets pulled into Austin “Holt’s” Quartermaine (Roger Howarth) stock shenanigans… was that it...was he looking for some juicy work to keep him busy. Ava wouldn’t play ball and take Nikolas for all he was worth. Is Scott looking for a distraction or fast cash? Once Scott moves through his business with Ava and Austin, he get summoned to assist in a murder confession. Let’s not forget that moments earlier he was ready to leave town with Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati), and was also hoping to hang out with the fearsome mother daughter duo. So far, all of this felt like such a whirlwind, Scott was like a tornado blowing through the Metro Court and suddenly had his hands in some major Port Charles happenings. To think, he is soon to add learning about Britt’s (Kelly Thiebaud) diagnosis to everything that is already going on. Scott is getting thrown at us as fast as Port Charles life is being thrown at him.

What is going on with Scott and what is next for him? Is this Scott dealing with the aftermath of Franco’s death? Are we getting a closer look at Scott finding his way through life without Franco? While I think we can all do without a Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) confession, it would be very interesting to watch him advise the man who killed his son’s murderer. I doubt Scott would ever want the person who Killed Peter to have to pay. We know that Scott feels a certain way about Jason, but recently softened once he found out Peter killed his son. Finn has made it clear he wouldn’t want Jason involved...but in this instance will Scott be the one to urge Finn to let Jason clean this up? Whatever happens next, we know that Scott will have his hands full and that he is bound to bring the entertainment.

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