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The Good Villains

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

So...who's bad exactly?? I think the idea is that none of them are, but this storyline gives them an opportunity to be bad...just a little that is. As Carly pointed out to Willow, sometimes even kind gestures and the best of intentions can still be hurtful. Michael, Willow and Chase are all good people making what they believe to be the best decisions they can. Michael and Willow feel that since Chase sacrificed love for them, they will do so in return. Chase is unintentionally putting his whole reason for being on Willow, and he does not seem to realize how much pressure that is for her. He also doesn’t realize she is not in love with him and that the one kiss they’ve shared since reuniting was at their wedding. These three are engaging in drama-light, actions that will lead to shock, broken hearts, but nothing that won’t result in a happy ending over time.

This storyline delays the Michael and Willow reunion, and serves to push Chase into the arms of someone who cares. This storyline gives each of them a chance to take a walk on wild side, and be a little selfish. Although this is not new territory for Michael, he went after his brother’s girl, so he won’t think twice about the guy who was “like” a brother to him.

Chase knows deep down that things aren't what they used to be with Willow, he is very aware, as he told Valentin, his illness moved things along with Willow. Chase is the little engine that could, he just won’t quit, he is determined to keep this fantasy of Willow and him alive. This whole story could prove to be very interesting for Chase specifically. Like most of the PCPD, he is a stickler for doing the right thing and following the rules. The worst thing Chase ever did was fake cheat on Willow, she cried for a hot minute but quickly found comfort in the Corinthos Quartermaine name. So even when he lied that one time, Chase sacrificed his own happiness for Willow so she could be happy, even if that meant letting her go. However, no one is a saint, and it is time Chase’s character dive into the grey area where most of life is lived, and be a human with faults.

In all likelihood, Chase will get stronger and will walk sooner than later, he just may realize that pretending he can’t will give him more time to make Willow fall in love with him. While he is not the only one lying, by the time his scheme is exposed, there is one person that will get it, and be there for him. Depending on how things go...he may not even need to move out of the Quartermaine house when it’s all said and done.

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