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Gold Star Award Winners: 2021

The Gold Star Awards have come to an end. For those that listen to our podcast, know that at the end of each episode we hand out Gold Stars, showing a little love to our favorite soap. With the Gold Star Awards, the tables were turned and the fans were the ones to hand out the stars. Thank you to all that took the time to voice their choice. Below is a list of The Gold Star winners of 2021. See you all again next year when we vote in the winners of 2022.

Favorite Couple: Scott & Liesl

Favorite Villain you Love to Hate: Peter August

Favorite Back from the Dead Character: Jason Morgan

Favorite Naked Distraction: Harrison Chase

Best Lawyer: Diane Miller

Favorite Port Charles Business: Kelly’s

Best Dramatic Performance: Sasha & Brando

Favorite Friendship: Jason & Carly

Favorite Fresh Out of Prison Character: Shawn Butler

A Villain you Secretly Root for: Valentin Cassadine

Favorite Confrontation: Maxie & Peter/Carly & Nina

Favorite Storyline: The Jason & Carly love story

Best Comedic Performance: Scotty Baldwin

Favorite Port Charles Family: The Quartermaine's

The Port Charles Update is a General Hospital Podcast covering all the juicy GH storylines week to week. You can find us onApple Podcasts,Google Podcasts and most podcast platforms.

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