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A Britt & Brad Baby?

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

There has been chatter of a Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) baby ever since she described a heavy chest and a sinking feeling in her stomach. Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) explained that she was just heartbroken. When I think of a “Jason baby”, my mind goes to the conversation Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) had with Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Bernard) the night he and Sam (Kelly Monaco) broke up. In the car, as they were searching for Julian Jerome (William deVry), Jason goes on to say that “I knew that I should never be a father”. Certainly Jason loves his children to death, but he goes on to say that when you add a kid into the mix, the risks you are willing to take change, and at some point, the relationship will no longer make sense. Jason is practical, and is very aware his children are safer at a distance, otherwise he would have never agreed to let Lucky be Jake’s father back in the day. Jason has chemistry with Britt, they have a connection, and what is also appealing, is a clean slate, no kids involved, just two very free individuals living for the moment. Jason makes it clear that he lives for the “life”, and while he and Britt are fun to watch, I am not sure that this is the "life" she would want to be tied to forever.

So back to a Britt baby. In our most recent podcast No Lying No Deception we talked about the Britt and Brad friendship, where I referenced the Jack McPhee and Jen Lindley duo from Dawson’s Creek. For those of you that know the show, Jen dies and her best friend Jack adopts her baby. Britt mentioned the fact that she didn’t have kids when she was with Jason at that Canadian hospital. During her visit with Brad, they talked about Wylie. Both Britt and Brad have had their stolen babies taken from them. If at some point down the line Britt does decide to become a mother, it would be amazing if these besties decided to have one together, one that no one could ever take away. These two have an awesome friendship, and I would love nothing more for Brad to return to hospital life with Britt so we can see these two back in action. While Britt’s love life has been thrown for a loop, and Brad’s is non-existent (most likely missing Lucas), it would be fun to have the love story that is their friendship take centre stage. Brad is the Carly to her Jason, and if we are thinking long game, much further down the line, perhaps a friend you have a baby with, will also be the thing that gives her peace and understanding about a missed moment in time with Jason many moons ago.

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Susan DiGirolamo
Susan DiGirolamo
Jul 05, 2021

This would be satisfying on a lot of levels, yes 👍🏻


Unknown member
Jul 05, 2021

Yes Yes Yes 💯 A baby no one can take away😂 Love them 💞💞💞

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