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Laura Wright’s Take on Carly and Jason

All of Port Charles and fans alike have been picking apart the Carly and Jason relationship, including us, podcast after podcast episode. What does this marital union mean - it is a soap opera after all, and fake marriages can lead to very real relationships. Currently the hearts of Carly and Jason belong to other people, the marriage is purely strategic and about protecting those they love.

In an interview with TV Insider Laura Wright shares her take on the Carly and Jason relationship. While Laura acknowledges that romantically their hearts are elsewhere, her perspective is that Carly and Jason are scared, scared of their feelings for each other. She goes on to say that before their friendship they were in love with each other, and when the relationship was a no go, those romantic feelings were shifted over to friendship, which is where they have both diverted much of their energy. In our recent podcast episode titled Crickets, we discuss the pacing of this story along with others, and Laura Wright seems to agree that the Carly and Jason progression has been very well done.

The mere fact this is happening is very significant. These two characters have a long standing relationship, lots of love, and all the commitment in the world that everyone around them is painfully aware of. These two prioritize each other above all else, to have a relationship with either of them is to accept coming in second. If Laura is correct, and all these years a romantic love has been bubbling beneath the surface, throwing Carly and Jason together in this way will be explosive. While Sonny is in fact alive, and the one person who could accept the role Jason has in Carly’s life, we still have no idea what version of Sonny/Mike will turn up in Port Charles.

Be sure to check out the Laura Wright interview with TV Insider and also get her take on the one and only Gladys Corbin.

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Susan DiGirolamo
Susan DiGirolamo

After listening to your podcast I’m getting scared that they will get married and Carly will realize that Jason isn’t enough for her. It will break the spell of their friendship in which she idolized him. The truth is, he is still damaged and not a complete human as you always say. If this happens it will be so sad. When Sonny comes back it will be a stark contrast, even if he is “Mike” 😢

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