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Maurice’s Take on Jarly: Betrayal

Maybe dead Sonny would be supportive of his wife marrying Jason, but a living Sonny may disagree. Everyone in Port Charles who knows nothing about the real reason for the Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) union think it makes sense and that it has been a long time coming. What has been odd to hear repeatedly is how much Sonny would be supportive of this. Turns out Maurice Bernard himself, in a recent interview with Soaps In Depth, does not think Sonny Corinthos will take kindly to finding out about the marriage. On a business front, Sonny will understand that it was necessary to keep Carly alive, but that depends on how pretend this union is by the time Sonny returns. A fake platonic marriage is super easy to forgive, but where is the fun in that. In the interview, Maurice shares that what Sonny does best is betrayal, and he thinks all hell will break loose when he returns to Port Charles. Betrayal is probably a more likely initial reaction to finding out the woman you married a million times over is now married to your best friend.

A Carly and Jason union is huge, it completely disrupts the reality as we have come to know it. While Carly and Jason have a long history that began romantically, we all have come to know Carly and Sonny alongside Jason and Sam. For many, this reality has been slowly coming apart, leading to shock and very strong reactions. However, disruption to the status quo, betrayal, schemes gone wrong, friends becoming lovers, lovers becoming enemies are all a part of what makes soap operas great. It is unimaginable to conceive of something other than what we have come to know. What will Port Charles look like with Carly and Jason at the helm and Sonny on the sidelines? Sonny will stand for nothing less than the top spot. We will be witnessing a complete shift in power and dynamics in Port Charles, and I for one look forward to seeing where the chips fall.

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I would think Sonny would understand and Jason will be thrilled he is alive and so will Carly Incan see Sonny having a difficult time for a bit but in the end he is back with Carly and head of the business Carly may have a bit of difficulty with not having a say Jason would be thrilled to be his old self / but he should have explained it to Britt and it wasn’t right that Jax didn’t explain why the marriage

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