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Michael VS Sonny

There was a moment when Sonny was speaking with Brando, and calls out Michael for having slept with Willow while she was still married to Chase. Making that comment, and talking about his own son that way felt beneath the Sonny we have all come to know. What Sonny is having a difficult time understanding, or working overtime to ignore, is that Michael is not sad that his daddy cheated on his mommy, but that he does not recognize his father anymore. It’s not that Sonny strayed from his wife, it’s that he strayed from his code - loyalty being a big part of that.

When Sonny made that comment about Michael and Willow, I thought, what a Jax move. In fact it was a Jax move, Jax used that bit of information to blackmail Michael to grant Nina access to her grandson. When this happened is when we wrote the following article about Jax, titled Without a Code. In that article, we spoke about how having a code set Sonny and Jax apart, and it appears that is no longer the case. Both Jax and Sonny betrayed Michael for Nina. At this rate Michael is running out of father figures fast. In chronological order, Michael lost AJ, Jax, Sonny, Jason, and then Sonny again. There is no question at this point why Drew has become so important to Michael.

Sonny has been known as a force to be reckoned with, but nowadays he’s more of an “I reckon” kind of guy reminiscing about a simpler time and place. Sonny’s return has not addressed the power vacuum that was created when he “left” in the way he believes it has. Sonny may have returned from Nixon Falls but the Godfather of Port Charles is yet to be found, and everyone knows it, including his son. Michael is an amalgamation of the best of and the worst of the many influential men in his life, not to mention his mother. Michael is more than equipped to take Sonny down, but will he and can he live with it? We know that a time will come where Michael and Sonny will find their way back to each other, but until then, let's enjoy the fireworks.

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Love your podcast! I faithfully listen every Saturday morning - Excellent content!


Just have to tell you that my GH friends and I LOVE your podcast and these takes based on FACTS! Thanks so much for adding to our enjoyment of GH!

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